Sunday, April 18, 2010

HAF Featured in Online Journal

The Handmade Artists Forum and Shops, started by Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen, was recently featured in an article in "The Beading Gem's Journal," an online publication. According to the article, Andrew and Kimberly literally started from the ground up, first teaching themselves the ropes of selling their own jewelry online through their web sites, then by starting the Hand Made Artists Forum (HAF) to support and promote the work of other jewelry makers.

(Please note that HAF is not solely for jewelry artists, but features all types of handmade items.)

According to Andrew and Kimberly, "The HAF shop as it is known is set up so the members of the forum have another option to sell their wares, most of our members sell on other venues as well but many are warming up to the shop as it is small and relatively manageable." To visit HAF:
To check out their websites - (painted stem glassware and beach glass jewelry) and
For those interested in "The Beading Gem's Journal":

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