Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring

Today is the first day of Spring. Here in Lowell, Massachusetts, it's still grey, cold and wintery ... all the more reason to finally put my Spring Heart Tree up. For those who are not familiar with the origin of my seasonal trees, the impetus began over a decade ago. I always loved to play dress ups with my house at Christmas, and along with the tree, which had a few quilted hearts on it, I also had hearts scattered around the house ... in bowls, on shelves, and in nooks and crannies. But when I took the Christmas decorations down, I would inevitable get a let down. Not only was my house no longer dressed up, but outside the weather was grey and blah. For years I thought I should make some Winter Hearts, but was deterred by my lack of a sewing machine. For some reason, this year, nothing got in the way, and I happily made Winter Hearts by hand. For anyone who wants to see the Winter Heart Tree, scroll down a bit and you'll see it.

I'm in love with my Spring Heart Tree. The colors and the feeling of Spring really make me feel as if I am welcoming the new season with all of my heart.

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