Monday, May 3, 2010

Nala is the Featured Artist of the Month

Nala is a self taught crafter who is a member of the Handmade Artist's Forum (HAF). (For more information about HAF, scroll down to article). Her jewelry is featured on Etsy: and on
She likes to make jewelry that is "dark and mysterious" as well as jewelry which is light. All of her work shows her incredible attention to detail and to color and composition. She is a jewelry maker par excellence. To view her work:


  1. Nice first post. Let me know if I can help on the image problem!

  2. Thank you for a very sweet post, Raedawn. ;)

  3. Good job! I enjoyed reading it! Let us know if you need help with pictures!

  4. Theresa ~ I do need help with the pics. I can't seem to get a pic from the Etsy site ... tried copy/paste and that didn't work. I just showcased another artist and had to just put in her Etsy link again. I'd really like to put in a picture. Thanks ~ Linda



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