Monday, August 30, 2010

A Wonderful Team of Artists

The Melange group is a mixed media team of artists who sell on Etsy. It's a small, but very close knit group of members who share art, tips and techniques, products, concerns and anything else that has to do with making and promoting members' art. Please visit the team shop on Etsy and check out Favorite Sellers to see a list of all of team members' shops.

Every month, Indira, a member of the group makes a wonderful video, including music, that shows pictures of Melange members art. Here is a link to the most recent video:

I hope you like it and will use the first link to learn about the Melange artists.
Please note: the mixed media collage above is by member Maureen Tillman.


  1. Thanks so much for promoting the team and for including my work!

  2. So kind of you to promote this great group of talented artists!



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