Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Primal Garden

For most of my life I have been interested in primal and indigenous cultures and spirituality. This has led me to study shamanism as well as extended study of the Navaho culture, and of ethnomusicology. This love has taken root in my visual art, in my performance art and in my jewelry. As a performance artist, I have led participatory ceremonies related to a variety of issues including ecology and self awareness. This newest necklace, "Primal Garden," is an expression of this deep interest. The pendant has a very primal feel to me and, like the other Sterling Silver elements, was handmade by the Hill Tribe in Thailand. The Turquoise seemed to naturally fit, and the bronze Freshwater Pearls are an earthy element to the design, which is assemytrical.

The pendant, being the focal point, draws you into the garden, and the other components invite you to explore. To see this and my other jewelry, visit my Etsy store:

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